Plumbers Recommended Technique of How to Unclog a Sink

Jan 30, 2019

By Express Plumbing Heating and Cooling

kitchen sink is an important part of any property, a fact that makes it indispensable. Many people, however, do not appreciate it, until it stops working.

Clogged sinks are a disaster; dishes start to start up making it impossible to cook any meals. Your Long Beach Island plumbers recommend the following three steps when unclogging any sink drain.

Method 1: Use of a Plunger

For this method to work, the sink must be filled with water. Make sure to position the plunger correctly on the drain and work it up and down.

After a few plunges, lift the plunger to check whether the water has started to flow. If this has not happened, continue the plunging movements until progress is noted.

Method 2: Combining Vinegar and Baking Soda

It will be significant for one to put on a pair of rubber gloves before proceeding any further. Use a cup to bail out any standing water from the sink and into a bucket.

Once done, proceed to push a single cup of baking soda down the sink drain. A spatula can also get used in making sure that this objective gets achieved within the shortest time possible.

When done with the vinegar, a single cup of vinegar will need to be poured into the drain, and the stopper replaced, to guarantee that all the vinegar gets forced down the clog.

It is recommended to wait for a minimum of five minutes before removing the stopper. A cup of warm water must then be drained to check whether the block has disappeared.

Method 3: Use of a Cable Auger

The cabinet beneath the sink will need to be opened and a bucket placed there so as to catch any runoff water. With this in place, the trap (the curved pipe) must then be detached from its current position. All the water in the trap must be emptied out into the holding bucket.

Once done, the auger is then inserted into the pipes and twisted in a clockwise direction. The movements will help free any items trapped inside the drainage pipes. Once done, reattach all pipes and pour hot water to clean the pipes.

When unclogging any pipes in your Long Beach Island, it is recommended to avoid using drain cleaning chemicals. They are very dangerous.

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