Common Causes of a Toilet Not Flushing Properly

Aug 17, 2019

By Express Plumbing Heating and Cooling

Your Long Beach Island home toilet is not invincible, and it can run into problems. One of the most frustrating problems is when the toilet won’t flush. Flushing problems can be caused from a slowly draining toilet or one that continuously is draining after it is flushed.

Just because the toilet isn’t flushing doesn’t mean that you need a new toilet, it may just mean that you need a plumber to make a few adjustments and get the throne working like new. So what are the most common problems with a toilet?

Won’t Flush At All

If the toilet is not flushing, it could be caused from two different problems. First, the tank may be empty, and this will cause the toilet not to flush.

The tank is filled with a water supply line that runs from the central tap to the toilet’s tank. These water lines are connected to a valve near the toilet. It can be shut off in emergencies.

If the toilet isn’t flushing, the water supply should be checked. If the water is on, another problem that can happen is that the chain has come off of the flushing lever.

The flapper is in the tank, and it is connected to a chain, which in return is connected to the handle. The chain may be caught or could have completely come loose at some point. The chain may need to be shortened or lengthened. The flapper will adjust accordingly when the chain is at the proper length.

Bowl Does not Empty

Worse than a toilet that won’t flush is one that won’t drain properly. If you are flushing multiple times and not having any luck with getting the bowl emptied, then it’s time for help.

There are numerous causes why a toilet won’t empty. First, the water pressure may not be enough to empty the contents. This can be from the flapper and chain malfunctioning in the tank or it can be from a blockage.

The blockage can be in the main drain and may need a professional snake to go through and clear the drain lines. A plumber may have to look at the water pressure into your Long Beach Island home and see if there is a main drain blockage preventing the toilet from emptying.

When To Call In Professional Help

So many people think that they can handle their toilet issues without difficulty. To ensure that there’s not a water mess all over the floor, it is better to leave these issues to the professionals.

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