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Air Duct Cleaning Services in Long Beach Island, NJ

Most homes and businesses have HVAC systems, which route heated or air-conditioned air throughout their many rooms using systems of air ducts. This ductwork can accumulate airborne contaminants over time, so it needs to be cleaned periodically to avoid exacerbating health problems and exposing residents or visitors to dangerous pollutants.

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Common Indoor Air Contaminants?

Controlling common pollutants reduces occupants’ risks of developing or exacerbating potentially serious health concerns. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can be impacted by many factors ranging from outdoor environmental conditions like wildfires and flooding to the use of chemical cleaning agents or building products that contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Even common substances like dust and pet dander can trigger allergies or asthma attacks, so it’s important for property owners to keep them under control.


The dust that naturally accumulates in duct systems can negatively impact residents or occupants who suffer from allergies or asthma. When the heating and cooling units are turned on, the dust gets distributed throughout the building, impacting IAQ in any room that has air registers. Cleaning the ducts will remove the dust at its source.


Ducts that aren’t installed and maintained properly can become prone to dirt infiltration. If the dirt gets circulated through the ductwork it can cause serious health impacts and increase the wear and tear on the HVAC system.


Mold colonies can form in duct systems prone to excess humidity or moisture. Since mold reproduces by spores, it can quickly spread throughout the building’s ductwork and be circulated through the air. Although the symptoms of mold poisoning are most obvious in allergy and asthma sufferers, mold exposure can cause potentially serious health problems for anyone in the building.

Other Sources of Indoor Air Contaminants

The four substances mentioned above are the most common sources of indoor air contamination. They’re not the only ones, though. Other sources of indoor air pollution include:

  • Tobacco smoke 
  • VOCs emitted from building materials and household products 
  • Cleaning Products 
  • Fuel-combusing appliances 
  • Outside sources like radon and pesticides 

Removing residues from these substances from the building’s ductwork is a good way to prevent contaminants from becoming airborne. This helps to protect residents or occupants’ health.

Immediate Effects of Airborne Contaminant Exposure

The immediate effects of exposure to airborne contaminants can include headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat. These symptoms are usually acute and can be resolved by removing air pollutants. Every person has a different level of sensitivity to airborne pollutants, so symptoms vary substantially.

Long-Term Effects of Airborne Contaminant Exposure

Some health effects don’t show up until years after consumers come into contact with airborne contaminants, and many of them only occur after repeated exposures. The long-term effects of airborne contaminant exposure are often much more serious. They can include the development of respiratory diseases, heart disease, and cancer.

The Duct Cleaning Process

Duct Cleaning Services can reduce residents’ and occupants’ risks of developing health complications from poor IAQ by removing contaminants before they can be circulated throughout the building. Every duct cleaning visit will start with a thorough inspection. Following the inspection, a technician will service each of the air ducts’ components, from its supply and return ducts to fan housings and motors.
Cleaning air ducts requires specialized tools. These include brushes, air whips, specialized HEPA vacuums, and skipper balls. Once all dirt, dust, mold, and accumulated debris has been removed from the ducts, the technician will perform a final check to ensure that all of the system components work and no air leaks are present.

When to Schedule a Cleaning

It can be hard to tell when air ducts need to be cleaned. Here are a few circumstances where it’s appropriate to schedule a professional cleaning:

  • Moving to a new home 
  • Performing renovations 
  • Unexplained asthma or allergy symptoms 
  • Signs of rodent infestations in the ducts 
  • Mold contamination 
  • Significant pet shedding 

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