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Heating Services in Long Beach Island, NJ

Need a Heating Contractor for Your Home? Express Plumbing Heating & Cooling is Here to Help 24/7!

As every homeowner knows, there are many challenges that come with maintaining a house. One of these challenges is making sure your heating system is always in working order, especially considering the chilly weather we get here in New Jersey. It’s important to remember that taking care of your heating equipment is both important for your comfort, and for your safety—after all, you wouldn’t want to wake up one freezing December morning to find that your heater is broken, would you?

At Express Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we are your local, reliable heating contractors. We offer heating services in Long Beach Island for all major brands, appliances, and systems. Our goal is to ensure that your home is always as comfortable as possible and that your family is safe and snug inside, no matter what’s going on with the weather. From emergency repair issues to winter furnace tune-ups, you can count on our heating service experts at Express to get the job done!

Our heating services include:

To schedule heating service in Long Beach Island or the surrounding areas, call 609-361-2727 now.

Signs of a Faulty Heating System

It can be hard to tell a “serious” heating issue from a minor one. The problem is that if you ignore an issue like low airflow long enough, it can eventually turn into complete system failure. This is why it’s always better to call for heating repairs before minor nuisances become major emergencies.

Top signs there’s a problem with your heating system include:

  • Fluctuating Temperatures: If your heater oscillates back and forth between lukewarm and blazing, you could be dealing with everything from duct issues to a failing system. Your heater should produce consistent temperatures based on your thermostat setting at all times, so if you notice ongoing temperature fluctuations, have it inspected as soon as possible.
  • High Energy Costs: As your system ages, it will have to work harder to heat your whole home. This in turn will cause your heating bills to go up, meaning you get less warmth for more money. Rather than settling for this lack of heat, make sure to call Express if your energy bills are going up. Our Long Beach Island heating technicians will tell you whether you need a repair, or whether it’s more cost-efficient to replace your system altogether.
  • Poor Air Quality: An increase in dust, persistent allergy symptoms, and air that feels stale and stagnant are all signs of a heating problem. Heating and cooling systems help to filter your indoor air, and when they start to malfunction, your indoor air quality may decrease as a result.
  • Lack of Airflow: If certain rooms in your house are warm while others are freezing, you could be dealing with clogged filters, dirty coils, or even a unit that has been undersized for your home’s needs. If your heating system is giving you poor airflow, call our technicians. We’ll be able to find out if your system was installed incorrectly, or if you’re dealing with another issue.

If your heater breaks down in the middle of winter, chances are it won’t take long for you to notice. But it’s important to remember that even minor changes in your heating system can herald bigger issues. Fortunately, no matter what kind of heating issue you are having, our heating service contractors at Express Plumbing Heating & Cooling have the skills and training to take care of it.

When Should I Replace My Furnace?

The truth is that eventually, even well-maintained heating systems break down. The average furnace lifespan is generally between 15-20 years, while the average boiler lasts between 10-15 years. If you find that your system needs to be repaired more than twice every six months, it may be more cost-efficient to just upgrade to a new one.

The good news is that no matter why you’re replacing your heating system, or what type of equipment you’re looking for, Express can supply the perfect heater for your Long Beach Island, NJ home. You can always count on our staff to help you find the best solution for your needs and your budget, and our technicians are trained to install and size your unit correctly, so you don’t end up with operation problems down the line.

By replacing your Long Beach Island heating system with Express Plumbing, you may be able to:

  • Add considerable value to your home – especially if you’re planning on selling
  • Lower your overall energy costs
  • Balance airflow throughout your house
  • Address structural issues in your current HVAC system, such as ductwork leaks
  • Improve your air quality and reduce dust and pollutants
  • Achieve quieter system operation—modern heaters make less noise!

Make Sure to Sign Up for Heater Maintenance

While every homeowner has to deal with a heating repair or replacement at some point, many forget about the third essential heating service: maintenance. The ironic part is that by calling for regular heating maintenance, you can actually reduce repair and replacement costs! Here at Express Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we offer heating maintenance and tune-ups that include full system inspections, filter replacements, cleaning, and other adjustments. And when you sign up for our Service Club, you can receive annual maintenance for your boiler or furnace, without even having to schedule an appointment! Our maintenance options are designed to work for a range of budgets and to help every homeowner get the most out of their heating system, so you can never go wrong by calling for heater maintenance from Express.

Make Express Your Go-To Heating Service Provider

Choosing the right heating service company for your home is extremely important. You can trust Express when you’re looking for heating service in Long Beach Island because we’ve been working in the area for over three generations. Our HVAC contractors consistently receive top ratings from local customers, and we are conveniently located to reach communities across the LBI area. We also offer financing and specials to help make our services even more affordable, and with 24/7 emergency repairs, Express is always here to be your go-to heating company! By offering quality customer service, impeccable attention to detail, and fast solutions, you can count on us to take care of all your heating issues—and to do it without breaking the bank.

    If you are looking for a heating service company in Long Beach Island you can count on, call Express Plumbing Heating & Cooling at 609-361-2727, or click here to request a free estimate online.

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