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Your Long Beach Island Emergency Plumber

Get Rid of Your Plumbing Emergency Fast with Express Plumbing Heating & Cooling

Have you ever dealt with a burst water line, overflowing toilet, or another plumbing emergency? Don’t wait until the problem gets worse—the help you need is only a quick call away, with Express Plumbing Heating & Cooling! We provide Long Beach Island emergency plumbing service to homeowners across this community. Contact us anytime to discuss your problem, and we promise to be at your door ASAP.

To reach our Long Beach Island emergency plumbers right now, call 609-361-2727

Do I Need Emergency Plumbing Service?

One of the toughest parts of dealing with plumbing emergencies is that it can be hard to catch them before it’s too late. However, there are certain signs you should call a plumber right away. By catching an emergency before it spirals out of control, Express can help potentially save you thousands of dollars in property damage, and make sure you don’t have to pay for any unnecessary replacements.

Common reasons to call for emergency plumbing service include:

  • Clogged toilets: A clogged toilet can lead to back-ups and overflows, resulting in wastewater pouring onto your bathroom floor. While there are many things that can cause a toilet to clog, if you can’t fix the problem with a plunger, make sure to call a professional plumber right away.
  • Burst pipes: A pipe can burst due to freezing, though it’s also possible for your lines to rupture because of tree root intrusion or from another nasty clog. We offer winterization service to help protect you from frozen pipes, but no matter why your pipe burst in the first place, you should call a plumber immediately if this happens in your home.
  • Lack of hot water: You could be experiencing a lack of hot water because of a water heater problem, or a leak somewhere else in your system. This is especially bad news if both things are true at once, since water heater leaks can cause major property damage. Regardless, if you step into a cold shower in the morning, it’s always best to have a plumber come check things out.
  • Lack of water pressure: While poor water pressure may seem like another minor shower annoyance, this too can indicate deeper problems within your plumbing system. You could be dealing with a clog, a leak, or another issue in your pipes, so make sure to call for service if you’re dealing with poor water pressure.
  • Standing water: Whether due to leaks, burst pipes, or back-ups, standing water should always be dealt with right away. Failing to take care of this problem can lead to flooding, destroying parts of your basement or other parts of your home.
  • Sewage smells: If you smell sewage in or around your property, you could be dealing with a sewer line back-up. Sewage water is very toxic, so call a plumber for service as soon as you notice this smell, and watch out for other signs you’ve got a sewage problem, like damp, green spots in your yard or slow drains in your home.
  • Drainage problems: If your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, or shower/tub is draining poorly, you may have a blockage on your hands. This could lead to a burst pipe, or even a sewage back-up, so make sure to have a plumber handle it ASAP.

At Express Plumbing Heating & Cooling, we put your safety and comfort first. Our priority is making sure you receive the right solution as quickly as possible to solve current problems and avoid further issues. When you work with us, you can expect top-notch service during every step of the process, from the first phone call to the minute the job is finished. We won’t waste your time coming unprepared or performing shoddy work, and our technicians always arrive on time with the necessary materials to get the problem fixed in one trip. Our goal is to let you return to your normal routine as fast as possible, without compromising on quality. For emergency service that’s fast, efficient, and precise, you can’t go wrong with Express.

What Separates Express Plumbing Heating & Cooling?

In addition to providing 24/7 emergency plumbing service in Long Beach Island, Express also offers various specials and financing options, so you can afford to hire us no matter what your budget is. We’re also centrally located, allowing us to reach communities across the greater LBI and Long Beach Township area quickly. And with three-year warranties on all installations, you always know you’re getting a good deal when you hire Express Plumbing Heating & Cooling.

Other reasons locals love our Long Beach Island emergency plumbing pros include:

  • We leave your home clean: Don’t worry about cleaning up after us. Our team wears shoe covers and will leave your home as clean as we found it—it will seem as if we were never there!
  • We provide upfront service: Enjoy honest, upfront pricing before any work starts when you hire Express Plumbing Heating & Cooling. We also discuss our plan with you in advance, so you know what to expect. There are never any surprises when you work with our plumbers, just total satisfaction.
  • We offer service from experienced technicians: All of our technicians are plumbing experts with several years of industry experience. They are also passionate about customer service and work hard to provide you with a smooth and pleasant experience.
  • We can improve plumbing efficiency: We want you to enjoy problem-free plumbing. That’s why we make every effort to provide quality solutions that improve the efficiency of your plumbing system in the long-term
  • We pride ourselves on personal attention: You can be confident that your particular situation will be handled with your best interests in mind when you hire Express. We provide every customer with personalized service that meets their specific needs, so you can enjoy true peace of mind.
Don’t let a plumbing emergency throw off your day! Get right back on schedule with fast solutions from Express Plumbing Heating & Cooling. Call us 24/7 at  609-361-2727  and we will dispatch one of our experts to your door ASAP. You can also contact us online.

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